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I'm asking you for help in my pursuit of the Republican nomination for the Senate District 47 seat in 2016.
I am a family doctor who has spent more than 25 years practicing in Carver County, and I am passionate about caring for people. My wife, Mary, is a veterinarian gifted with common sense and empathy for the needs of others; she is an important partner in this journey. After much reflection and prayer, we believe we are being called to serve the people of Carver County by seeking the Senate District 47 seat.
If elected, I promise I will not be one who stands by silently watching "politics as usual" rule the day

Will you help?
Will you act today and support my campaign?
By clicking on the donate button, you can send $50, $100, $250, or $500 to join the team!

Thank you and please contact me at 952-443-2203 if you have any questions.
Scott Jensen

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